Miniature Furniture

This section is for furniture items that I have made and/or modified.  I have made many pieces, but as I have most of them packed away, they will probably only show up here as I put them to use in a dollhouse.

I made the small Oriental-style table (shown below) at an afternoon workshop given by well-known miniaturist, Alice Zinn at the Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville.  It was a fun afternoon, and the table was super-easy.  I keep meaning to make some more things in this style – perhaps a room divider or some frames.

Oriental Table by me - 01AA

Shown below is one of a pair of benches that I bought in plain resin and painted with colorful Mexican Folk Art motifs. This pair of benches is featured in the side yard of Casa Maria (see dollhouses).

I made the cabinet (below) to go in Casa Maria, but ultimately decided against using it in that house, due to later acquiring other pieces I liked better. I guess that means I’ll be making another miniature Mexican structure . . . I don’t want this to go to waste, after all!

Last modified on: April 21st 2013.