Vintage and Antique Furniture and Accessories – Various

Like  most dollhouse and miniatures collectors,  I am always excited when I come across an unusual antique or vintage miniature for my collection.  Although many of the interesting antique & vintage miniatures I have found have been too cost-prohibitive to add to my collection, I have been fortunate enough to be at the right place, at the right time to amass a respectable group of such collectibles.

I have two German dollhouses planned, and I was excited to find the tiny, antique German roombox shown below:

Tiny German Roombox - 01AA

This piece is only a couple of inches wide, and it is so similar to full-size pieces I have seen, that I couldn’t believe the detail that was included.

Also purchased for one of the pending German houses, I was delighted to come across this beautiful vintage set of  hand-painted German kitchen and dining room furniture.

European Furniture - 01A

I have several more lovely antique-vintage items,  but I will have to unearth and photograph them before I can post them on here.  Be sure to check back, as they are well-worth a visit!

Last modified on: April 27th 2013.