Room Boxes, Dioramas, and Vignettes

As an avid miniaturist, I am drawn to any miniature. As such, I sometimes amass odd pieces that do not fit easily into a large project theme. I find that an excellent way to feature some of my favorite “oddball” miniature objects is in a room setting, rather than an entire dollhouse. In this section, I will feature items in my collection that could be considered either a room box, a diorama, or a vignette. These items fit easily on a shelf or can be hung on a wall, and they provide a lot of visual delight in a small space.

My collection includes  pieces that I have made, commercially made pieces, and pieces made by other artisans.  As with all my other miniatures, I have broken these down in sections according to size and type.  Enjoy!

Dioramas & Vignettes – Tiny Scale

Dioramas & Vignettes – Various Scales

Roomboxes – Various Scales







Last modified on: January 21st 2013.