Dolls – European

I have a sizable collection of dolls from various European countries, and will post most of the pictures of them in this category.  The few exceptions are those in which I have several dolls per specific country – those will be listed within that country.

The tiny little doll shown below is from Belgium.  She reminds me very much of dolls that my grandmother brought back from her European travels to decorate her Christmas tree.

The little Italian doll shown below is quite old.  I like her decorated straw hat.

I love the traditional costume of the little German doll shown below.

The beautiful German doll shown below (also featured in my “dollhouse dolls” section) was a gift from my sister, Maxine Guy-Davis.  This doll had been a gift to her from our parents, and she had cherished her all those years, but chose to give her to me because I am working on a lavish Bavarian dollhouse.  She will, indeed, be the perfect resident for that lovely house.  Many thanks, Maxine!  I promise I will take good care of her.

I am not sure if the doll shown below is Austrian or Swiss, but I think she is just adorable.

The delightful little doll shown below is handmade and is from the Czech Republic.

The lovely little Irish lass shown below is vintage and rather unusual in that she has rather “Cullenesque” eyes.  Hmmm, perhaps she is one of the Cullen family’s European relatives!

I have a LOT more dolls that I have not yet photographed, so be sure to come back and visit again.  I will add more photos as time allows.

Last modified on: October 18th 2012.