Vintage/Antique Dolls

I don’t have a large number of antique dolls, but I do love them.  I had several, but lost them all to the house fire that also took my first dollhouse a number of years ago.

The doll shown below is a real antique that resided at my maternal grandmother’s house for as long as I can remember, and even as long as my elder sister can remember.  She has one little tear in her dress (probably caused  by one of us grandkids “wagging” her around), but I’ll never change it – the memories are too dear.

One of my favorite vintage dolls is the one shown in the photo below.  I think she is beautiful, and I love the beadwork on her lovely gown.  I believe she might have been used as a display in a store window at one time.  I wish I knew more about her, but I have been completely unable to find out anything about her origins.

The pretty doll shown below is probably from the 1960’s, although it could be as early as the 1950’s.  I have not yet been able to ascertain who the maker was, because  dolls of this type (commonly referred to as  “companion dolls”  because they are the size of a real life toddler)  were made by several companies during this time.  Horsman and “Patty Play Pal” dolls are among some of the best known.  I do not believe mine is either of those.  I remember playing with dolls like this when I was very young  (and yes, I am that old).  I particularly like the fact that real children’s clothing fits this doll.  She wears a 4T in clothing, and a size 5 in toddlers’ shoes.  I plan to watch the Goodwill store to see if I can expand her wardrobe a little bit.  I decided to name her Matilda as a tribute to Heath Ledger, who was one of my favorite actors and who named his little girl Matilda.  Heath was lost to us much too soon.

The beautiful doll shown below really doesn’t belong in this category, because I am fairly certain she is a reproduction.  However, since she LOOKS antique, I decided to go ahead and put her in this grouping.  I think she is probably a reproduction of a French original . . . isn’t she lovely?!

The two dolls shown below are also featured in my “Ethnic Dolls – Latino”  section, but since they are antiques, I also wanted to show them here.   Oddly enough, both dolls are from Barcelona, Spain.  I would have never expected for a Bagpiper doll to be from that region.

The lovely Snow White doll shown below is very, very old and as such, is not in the best condition.  Even so, I think she is wonderful.

The small Italian doll shown below is quite old.  Her decorated straw hat is delightful.

The pretty little Irish lass shown below is also quite vintage.  She has very unusual “Cullenesque” eyes.  Perhaps she is a European relative of the Cullen family!

The pretty little Mexican doll shown below is quite old, and even though some of the design has worn off her sombrero, I think she is really cute.

I will be going through my doll collection as time allows, so be sure to come back for a visit.  I am sure there will be some “new additions” soon!

Last modified on: October 17th 2012.