Paperweights have been around for about as long as windy days have existed.  I never fail to be amazed by the incredibly diverse aesthetic appeal of these lovely,  but useful objects.  I like to line my window sills with them and watch the cascading rays of light that emanate from them . . . it is just beauiful!

The pair of paperweights shown directly below are from Ireland.  I have Irish ancestry (among many other things), and have always felt an affinity for the Emerald Isle.   I love having these, and sometimes daydream about visiting those far-flung verdant lands when I look at them

The interesting group of paperweights featured below are an eclectic mix of modern-day and antique.  The purple abstract paperweight (on the left) was made within the last few years by an unknown artisan.  It is literally one of a kind.  The two antique paperweights shown on the right side are both pieces that my maternal Grandmother originally owned.  They are absolutely beautiful, and are some of my favorite pieces.

And, yes . . . of course I have more . . . and they will be coming soon!

Last modified on: August 18th 2012.