Salt & Pepper Shakers

Although I don’t pursue collecting salt and pepper shakers in a big way, I do find myself picking up an interesting pair now and then.  I think that one reason I have avoided this genre is because there are so many interesting sets to be found that I know I could quickly run into a storage & display problem.

My most cherished set (shown below) is a Mexican donkey, fully laden with “wares”.  This originally belonged to my maternal grandmother, and I remember always seeing it in her house.

The next set (shown below) is a very, very old set and one that I had, at one time, actually researched.  I believe them to be somewhat rare.

Yet another old set is this pair of pixies (shown below).  Again, I had some information on them previously, but unfortunately did not retain it.  They are, though, really cute!

The last set I will feature (for the moment) is a contemporary set that I purchased recently in honor of the fact I am a cat lover.  These are so bright and cheerful that I just had to have them.  The photo is shown below.

I will add photos to this section as I add to my collection, so I hope you will come back to visit again!

Last modified on: October 21st 2012.