I don’t  pursue a collection of teapots in an aggressive way, but over time, I have accumulated a number of interesting pieces, and I thought you might enjoy seeing them.  Most of mine are ornamental, and I would never consider actually using them.

My newest acquisition is another piece from Japan . . . no surprise there, as they have so many beautiful pieces to offer!  This teapot, made by Westwood, is Japanese Redware and its lovely floral design is crafted in the moriage style.  The two pictures shown below show the front and the back, which differ in design.

Teapot - Westwood Moriage 01AA

Teapot - Westwood Moriage 01BB

The piece shown below is an antique Deruta piece from Italy.  I love it because it reminds me of a piece my (maternal) grandmother used to own.  Notice that there is a base made to hold a candle to keep the tea warm.  Also, the back of the teapot and the front feature two different designs:  one is a floral design, and the other a bucolic scene.

The teapots shown below are all Japanese.  The two cat teapots are “Happy Cats” and are rumored to bring good luck.  The more traditional teapot features the very popular cherry blossom motif.

The lovely oriental teapot and cup set shown below features a delicate crane pattern.  I love the unusual muted color of this set.  Although I have just shown one cup, I do own the whole set.

I’ve got some more interesting teapots coming to this section soon, so please stop back by!


Last modified on: April 20th 2013.