The Grace Middleton collection – handpainted china

If you read my biography, you know that my wonderful maternal grandmother, Grace Middleton, was an artist all of her life.  I was a very fortunate kid, indeed, to be able to visit her and watch her artwork being created.  Those are much cherished memories.

My grandmother left a large body of work behind as her legacy.  This legacy includes award-winning photographs, oil paintings, drawings, and china painted items.  This section showcases some of the china painted items she created.

All of the photos shown below are pieces that I own.  There are, of course, many more in existence.

The box shown in the 2 photos below is a lovely castle scene which was painted in real gold.  It is far more beautiful in person.  My grandmother got to visit many actual castles during her visits to many European countries, so I am sure that is what inspired her to paint this piece.

The two lovely pieces below are some of the decorative pieces that she created.  She most often painted pieces that could be used on a dinner table, so these are somewhat rare.  The lovely egg is one of several different designs she did, and the hummingbird figurine is also a music box which plays “Lara’s Theme”.

The next featured piece (shown below) is a jam jar and matching spoon.

This beautiful perfume bottle (shown below) is just one of many she painted.  It is one of my favorite pieces.

This is just a small part of this collection.  Please check back, as I will be adding an interesting variety of additional pieces soon.

Last modified on: October 20th 2012.