Landscaping & Flowers

I have always loved being outside, especially when the reason for being there is planting flowers or other plants. I actually gave serious consideration, when I was younger, to becoming a professional landscape architect. I often think that I should have followed my inclination.

Many years ago, when I owned my own home, I had a very large back yard which I devoted to landscaping in a very profuse manner. My landscape design on this property was geared not only toward aesthetics, but also toward providing a nurturing environment for all the little creatures that lived in that small paradise. I had over 150 varieties of perennial flowers and many flowering shrubs. Because I carefully researched the plants I used and I painstakingly installed a small pool, I had an incredible variety of birds and lots of gorgeous butterflies that visited, as well as a plethora of other creatures (raccoons, opossums, lizards, frogs, rabbits) that lived there all year round. One enterprising opossum (who I named McChesney) became attached to me, and would loll around in the garden area when I was out there. It became my habit to fix him a “Cheez Whiz” sandwich, which he happily munched on while he visited with me.

I no longer own my own property, but I still plant a good many flowers to enjoy from season-to-season. I mentioned previously that any home of mine must have cats, and I feel the same way about flowers. While I do not have the means to plant a miniature Eden like I did so long ago, I really enjoy what beautiful blooms I do have and I still have several little creatures that come by for a handout, and the occasional visit. The following pictures are of some of my flowers . . . I am really not good about remembering to photograph them, but when I do, I will try to remember to post photos.

Well,  Autumn is in the air and I decided to celebrate by getting some new mums.  I recently found this amazing antique twig chair at a yard sale, so I thought it would be fun to display them on it.

Shown below are some of the pretty flowers I had this past spring. I didn’t think, however,  to take even one picture of my glorious Narcissus.   I had some that are white with pink centers, some yellow & orange ones, and some tiny little yellow ones that are absolutely exquisite.

Top (L) – Asiatic Lilies (R) – Monara (a.k.a. “Bee Balm)

Bottom: (L) Tulips (R) – Lilac

Top: (L) Hollyhock (R) Monarda, with a bee having lunch

Bottom: (L) Hybrid Daylily (R) Annual Hybrid Cosmos

I mentioned that I have several creatures that like to come by. After heavy rains, I enjoyed a visit from a pair of ducks. Here is the picture I took of them:

Today is April 7, 2012 and I just took these pictures of tulips I planted alongside my driveway. They are still pretty young, but they have already thickened up since last year when I first planted them.

May 4, 2012: Oh, my . . . I had such good intentions . . . I was planning to take pictures of all my beautiful spring blooms (lush irises, dainty narcissus – both miniature and full size, etc. . .) Somehow, time (and blooms) got away from me. So, I decided that even though one of my favorite rose bushes is not yet at its peak, I had better go ahead & get a picture of it. This rose bush is totally fabulous: it produces gorgeous roses of both red and white (and once in a while, a mixed one) simultaneously. It also smells divine which is a good description since only our Divine Creator could create such a marvel). My photo isn’t the best, but I hope it is sufficient to show what a wonder this plant really is. I will also try to add a better picture later.

Last modified on: September 16th 2012.