Quilling- Jewelry

I have only recently begun quilling, so I have started with small projects, such as jewelry.  I like the fact that beautiful pieces of jewelry can be completed in a relatively short period of time, and also the fact that quilled jewelry is very lightweight and easy to wear.  Since these pieces are constructed of paper, there is a wide variety of embellishments that can be used to enhance the finished pieces.  Glitter, rhinestones, chalks, and watercolors are just a few options.

This bracelet is made of quilling in the center, with painted embellishments.

Quilled Bracelet - Jan 01AAA

When I made the earrings (shown below), I was just playing around and had no specific design in mind.  I enjoyed the freedom of just using whatever materials appealed to me, and will probably work this way in much of the jewelry I create in the future.

Quilled Earrings - B & W 01Aaaa

Quilled Earrings - Paisley 01Bbbb

The pins shown below are more examples of pieces I made with no specific idea in mind.  I think it is fun to grab the paper strips & quilling needle and just let a project unfold.

Quilled Dragonfly - 01Bbbb

The dragonfly pin (shown above) is an example of a heavily embellished piece.  I used both glitter and rhinestone accents to mimic the iridescence of a real dragonfly.

Quilled Pin - Abstract Vase 01Aaaa


Quilled Pin - Fantasy Flower 01Aaa

The two somewhat abstract designs  shown above (both are pins) are examples of how much fun you can have by playing around with interesting color combinations.  I think of these as “fantasy flowers” since these colors aren’t seen in nature’s real flowers.

Quilled Pin - Winter Flower 01Bbb







Last modified on: January 30th 2014.