Danville, Kentucky – Historic District

Established in 1787, Danville is a very historic site with much to do within its relatively small perimeter. Originally a part of the Fort Harrod settlement, Danville came into being when Kentucky’s first District Attorney (Walker Daniel) purchased 76 acres and had it surveyed for a town in 1783-1784. It is believed that the city was named in his honor.

Note: All photographic images featured on this travel log are courtesy of my brother, Chester M. Guy. They were taken during our last visit.

From the very beginning of its existence, Danville was very progressive. So much so that it is sometimes referred to as “The City of Firsts”. For instance, it had the first courthouse in the state, the first U.S. Post Office west of the Allegheny mountains, the first-state supported School for the Deaf, and the oldest college campus west of the Allegheny Mountains (Centre College). One other important first that Danville can be very proud of is that Dr. Ephraim McDowell became the first physician in the WORLD, not just in Danville, to successfully remove an ovarian tumor.

Today, Danville is the county seat of Boyle County. Although many modern structures and amenities have sprung up over the years, there is still a pleasing sense of history throughout the town due to the preservation of many of the original structures and historic sites. I enjoy visiting this town any time I have the chance, and as I stroll through the historic district, I particularly enjoy visiting the many lovely shops, and having lunch downtown.

During my last visit, my brother and I had lunch at a newly added pizza restaurant named “Bluegrass Pizza & Pub”, which was insanely good. My brother has traveled much more than I have, and he said it was as good as the very best pizza he had eaten anywhere. He was also very enthusiastic about the excellent variety of beers that are available. This restaurant does fill to capacity on a regular basis, and sometimes even runs out of their homemade dough . . . I would recommend you get there early or you may be out of luck. If you wish to call ahead (wise idea), here is the information you need:

Bluegrass Pizza & Pub 235 W. Main St, Suite 100 Danville, KY 4o422 Phone: (859) 237-7737 E-mail : web@bluegrasspizzaandpub.com

One of my personal favorite things about Danville is the Great American Dollhouse Museum, located at 344  Swope Street, which has continued to receive enthusiastic accolades every since it opened its doors. It is absolutely fantastic . . . so much so,  that I have written an entire travel log on it, which may be viewed at:  The Great American Dollhouse Museum- Travel Log     I implore you to make time for a visit to this very special museum.  You won’t be disappointed.

I hope that you get an opportunity to visit Danville and learn about its historical significance to the state of Kentucky. I highly recommend finding a good parking place and setting out on foot, as there is something interesting to see at practically every footstep.

Last modified on: February 9th 2013.