Printies – Favorite Links

As I mentioned, there are a lot of really nice printie sites on the web. I am always looking for new ones, but having said that, there are certain ones that are absolute favorites:

Free Sites

Jennifer’s Printables

Of the free sites, this is my absolute favorite . . . she offers an astounding array of dollhouse wallpapers spanning several decades and styles, grocery items that range from “old time” to current day, and even games for the kids. Thanks so much, Jennifer!!!

Jim’s Dollhouse Pages

This is another great site, with really varied material in a variety of scales:



I absolutely love this site – it is chock full of wonderful, unique and imaginative printies,  primarily spooky in nature.  While most are not miniature, the coffins and micro-monsters would be ideal for use in miniature displays.  And the rest are awesome, too!  When I visit this site, I tend to stay on there for ages!

Retail Sites


My very favorite retail site is “Paper Minis.Com” by Anne Vanture. You really will want to check out her awesome items for sale . . . they are varied and wonderful, and I can personally attest to the fact they are of excellent quality. She also offers free printies periodically to help you get used to working with the kit-style items, and they are lovely as well. I consider this site a “must visit” on a regular basis!

Last modified on: September 15th 2013.