Printies for the Dollhouse – Fun to Make!

As all of you other miniaturists know, it takes a multitude of tiny little items to make a dollhouse seem life-life . . . everything from grocery items bearing well-known brand names packed into cabinets, to mail on the desk. A dollhouse that lacks these details of everyday living never has the authenticity of a real home.

If you scour the internet like I do, looking for the perfect accessories, you know how expensive every little item can be. I simply cannot afford to pay $3-$4 for one little box of cereal or a t.v. dinner, when I need a large number of varied products to fill one tiny kitchen. Fortunately, there are a multitude of awesome printable sites for dollhouse items on the web. Some are free, some offer interesting groups of items for purchase at reasonable prices. I have found everything from groceries for a wide range of decades to beautiful quilts that can be printed on fabric.

I particularly enjoy making up printables as I watch t.v. – I have limited “free time” available, so I like the fact that even as I enjoy two of my favorite past-times, I am able to create nice things for my dollhouses. Follow the links below to visit some of my favorite printie sites, and to access some of my own printables that I am sharing with you for free.

* Note: To see actual printies I have made, please visit the “Miniatures – stuff I’ve made” section.

Printies – Favorite Links

Printies – Freebies

Last modified on: January 21st 2013.