Printies – Freebies

There is a truly astounding array of miniature dollhouse “printable” items that can be made for your dollhouse at very economic cost . . . my two very favorite things to make from printies is plates (I am obsessed with them), and books, but I also turn to printies when I need to stock miniature kitchen cabinets or a store, when I want to decorate a miniature house for a holiday, or whenever I can’t find a wallpaper I like in the scale I need.

The free printies that you will find in the links below are ones that I have created. Due to the fact that I make dollhouses in a wide range of scales, I don’t size most of  my printies until I actually print them, so you will need to experiment with your own printer to get them right for whichever scale you are working on.

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Last modified on: May 26th 2013.