Free Printies – Miscellaneous

I love printies, but new ones can be hard to find,  so every  once in a  while, I make some up.  When I do,  I’ll put them on here to share with you.    I just ask that you don’t post them anywhere else – if you want to share,  please just link to this page.

A house has got to have books.  These are ones I have in full-size at home.  I thought they were too cute not to miniaturize!  The book with the cat is a diary, and if you want it smaller, you can reduce it, but I liked the cat and wanted the design to show, so I kept it a bit larger.

Diary - 01CKid - 01A


There’s nothing cuter than teeny candy bars – I like to put a few in kitchen drawers or in my dollhouse living rooms, by the t.v.  There is a new Toblerone on the market, and I miniaturized it for our dollhouses!  I am also including the original, so your mini residents can have some variety!

Toblerone Crunchy Salted Almond - 01AA.jpgToblerone Original - 01AA
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Last modified on: May 26th 2013.