I absolutely love making these because they are fun to do and they also help me save money on accessorizing the rooms of a dollhouse or miniature store.

I make up some of my own printie graphics   Free Printies , but also have a huge collection of freebies that I have found all across the internet.  One good tip when looking for dollhouse printies is to search under “dollhouse printies”, “dollhouse printables”, “free dollhouse printables (and printies)”,  and even “puppenhaus imprimables” and “dollhouse imprimables”.  Using the foreign search terms often results in some exciting and fortuitous finds.

After printing sheets of printies, I like to cut them out while watching t.v. so that they will be ready to construct whenever I have time.  I love watching them go from this . . .

to this . . .

The examples I have shown in the (above) photo on the right side are some that I think would be great either in a store setting or a home.    The incense box on the upper left is one I plan to use in a miniature holistic therapy store that I made some time ago.

DH Printie Groceries - 02AA

DH Printie Groceries - Collage 01AA

I’ll add some more pictures of printable items I have made later on . . . I have a gazillion of them!  Also, don’t forget to check for awesome links to some of my favorite printie sites in the “Dollhouse Printies-Fun to Make” section of my “Dollhouses and Miniatures” navigation main list.

Last modified on: January 30th 2014.