Aggie “Woggles” Guy – RIP, my little friend!

Aggie came to live with me when I lived in Bowling Green.  He was already in his advanced adult years when he joined my household, so I knew I wouldn’t get to have him with me as long as I would wish.  At the time I got him, I had a cat with Feline Leukemia, and Aggie hadn’t been vaccinated.  I owe a huge “”thank you”  to my good friend, Professor Lesa Dill (Bowling Green) for her assistance . . . she not only got him vaccinated for me, she temporarily housed him until it was safe for him to come into my home.  I will be forever greateful to Lesa for this huge favor.

Aggie was the sweetest little fellow . . .  always even tempered, always delighted to see me when I got home from work.  His long hair gave him a deceptively heavy appearance, but he was as light as a feather.  I don’t remember how I ended up giving him his odd nickname of “Woggles”, but he absolutely loved it.  My sister, Maxine, always got a kick out of him being so pleased by it.  She loved him almost as much as I still do – in truth, I think he was her favorite of my cats.  Aggie & I enjoyed a number of mutually affectionate years together before I lost him.  He left me on Election Day, 2010.  He is sorely missed, but never forgotten.

Last modified on: March 24th 2012.