Lexington, KY

I have lived in Lexington for the last several years, and even though the only reason I moved here was because I had to transfer for work, I have come to love it and consider it home. It has a pleasing “down home” feel, but is actually the 63rd largest city in the U.S. as well as the 2nd largest in Kentucky.

It is a really beautiful city, and one that is replete with historical significance, including much directly related to the American Revolution. Founded in June, 1775 (in what was then still Virginia, as Kentucky did not become a state until 1792), the area was slow in being developed because there was a high level of danger from Indian attacks. On may 6, 1782, an act was passed by the Virginia General assembly that officially bestowed town status to Lexington. By 1820, Lexington had become one of the largest, wealthiest, and most cultured towns (and home to John Wesley Hunt, the first millionaire) west of the Allegheny Mountains. Many historic figures from our past spent significant time in Lexington. Mary Todd Lincoln was born and raised here (her original home may be visited in “downtown” Lexington). After her marriage to President Abraham Lincoln, they often visited the city as a couple. Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Confederate General John Hunt Morgan, and Secretary of State Henry Clay were other notable citizens who spent part of their lives here.

Today, there are a multitude of horse farms, even within city limits that are so picturesque that you just can’t help but enjoy driving through the area. It is a common sight here to see thoroughbreds frolicking in our famous bluegrass fields with their foals.

It is possible to take tours at many of the world famous horse farms in this area. On a beautiful autumn day, my mother & I visited Three Chimney farms to get a close-up look at the sassy, famous, and phenomenal Smarty Jones. A separate “travel log” will soon be provided for that location.

Something else that is interesting to visit in my area is the Kentucky Horse Park . . . it is just minutes outside of Lexington. A link to my travel log on that location is located at the bottom of this page.

All about Lexington for now. But, check back . . . as I visit specific noteworthy sites in the area, I will add corresponding travel logs.

Kentucky Horse Park

Last modified on: March 24th 2012.