Kentucky Horse Park – Lexington, Kentucky

Offering a wide variety of things to do and see, the Kentucky Horse Park is one of Lexington’s most interesting attractions. You don’t have to be an equestrian to enjoy a visit here, as is evidenced by approximately one milliion visitors annually.

The grounds are lovely and well-maintained which was, no doubt, a deciding factor in the decision by the panel of the World Equestrian Games to hold the 2010 games at this location. These prestigious equestrian games have NEVER before been held outside of Europe, so this was a monumental achievement for the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, and the United States. During the many weeks of the 2010 World Equestrian Games, we hosted many international visitors . . . all of whom seemed to truly love this beautiful park and city.

A plethora of equestrian events are held at this park, and while they are not of the scope of the World Equestrian Games, they are very diverse and interesting. There is something for everyone. I am not an equestrian (although I do love horses and have enjoyed the occasional ride), but I could easily visit on a regular basis and still find something new each time to enjoy. I particularly like the shows that integrate a storyline relating to the particular type of horse being featured. In addition to the interesting storyline, the costumes are fun to see.

Also very entertaining are the shows that feature stunt riders. I am utterly amazed by the close communication and cooperation between horse and rider required to achieve these feats.

In addition to the interesting variety of shows, there are other horses on the premises that are fun to visit. I particularly love the Clydesdales and Belgians . . . they are huge, beautiful, and charming. You don’t want to miss a tram ride with those Clydesdales leading the way!!!

In addition to all of the fun attractions that are outside or in the horse barns, there are interesting indoor exhibits, a great gift shop, and a lovely equestrian museum. I recommend you take the time to visit all of them. In fact, one of my very favorite books in my very sizable personal library is a discovery I made at the Gift Shop at the Kentucky Horse Park . . . it is “Gypsy Horses and the Travelers Way. The Road to the Appleby Fair”, by local author John Hockensmith (Georgestown, KY). This is a beautiful and informative book, and is an account of time he spent traveling with gypsies in England on their way to the world-famous Appleby Fair. Mr. Hockensmith was very fortunate, indeed, to be allowed admittance into the highly exclusive world of the English gypsies. I am jealous of his adventures, but delighted that I get to experience their world through his eyes and narrative.

One more important feature of the Kentucky Horse Park that I want to mention is that there are some very special seasonal activities that are “must sees”. At Christmas time, there is a fantastic display of Christmas light sculptures and displays that may be enjoyed via a driving tour. It should not be missed! Also during this season (and of particular interest to me since I am a miniaturist) is a fantastic display of miniatures. Again, not to be missed!!!

If you are fortunate enough to be within easy driving range, I highly recommend you keep up with the schedule of events offered at the Kentucky Horse Park. There is always a whirlwind of ever-changing activity.

Kentucky Horse Park information:


Address: 4089 Iron Works Parkway Lexington, Kentucky 40511

Phone: (859) 233-4303 or
Phone: (800) 678-8813

Last modified on: July 8th 2012.