Mexican Talavera

I absolutely love Mexican Talavera pottery.    It is vibrant in color, and intricate in design, which lends itself well to being miniaturized for a dollhouse.   Whether you wish to make entire table settings for your miniature table or just a few plates to hang on a miniature wall, these are sure to get attention.  Enjoy!

Plate - Talavera 01GPlate - Talavera 01PPlate - Talavera 02IPlate - Talavera 02APlate - Talavera 02FPlate - Talavera 02HPlate - Talavera 01MPlate - Talavera 02EPlate - Talavera 01XPlate - Talavera 01JPlate - Talavera 01FPlate - Talavera 02BPlate - Talavera 01VPlate - Talavera 01BPlate - Talavera 01ZPlate - Talavera 01UPlate - Talavera 01TPlate - Talavera 01A

Last modified on: May 26th 2013.